Thursday, 27 October 2016

SB Fijaciones: Systems of fixation for ventilated facades

SB Fijaciones designs and makes systems of fixation for facades.

The ventilated facade is a constructive solution based on the application of a coating system on the outer wall of the building, creating an air chamber between the wall and the used external appeased one.

The systems of fixation of SB Fijaciones are designed for different suitable appeased types from outer from the exigency of the client (ceramic ventilated facades, ventilated natural stone facades, composite panel, polymeric concrete, asbestos cement, phenolic, etc.).

SB Fijaciones also offers the service to adapt the system of fixation to the precise needs of the client, being realised therefore a customized service, always offering the maximum quality. 

Advantages of the ventilated facade:

- Ventilated façades provide energy savings of up to 30%.

- Excellent thermal insulation is very stable temperature inside.

- As acoustic insulation, the combination between the liner and the venting chamber, produces a noise reduction of up to 20%.

- Lower packaging costs.

- Facilities work placement, maintenance and replacement of elements.

- Protection of the internal structure against direct action of atmospheric agents.

- Aesthetic innovation, mapping all the equipment in the front, offering a superb aesthetic impact. Wide variety of materials to choose from.

- Ideal choice for rehabilitation.

- Meets requirements of the Technical Building Code.